Terri Ricci’s interiors reveal a uniquely personalized approach to uncovering beauty in the unexpected. We draw on a deep understanding of architecture and materiality to transform our clients’ homes into spaces with soul. Layered yet light, our work exudes warmth and polish.


Founded in 2008, our studio is not defined by any one style, but rather by the particular feeling that each space elicits. With a design studio in Connecticut and projects across the country, Terri Ricci Interiors spans from Aspen ski houses, Napa Valley retreats and East Coast luxury dwellings, to sophisticated apartments and executive offices in New York City.


Our strength resides in a small team of talented professionals who collaborate closely with clients. Favoring bespoke solutions over off-the-shelf options, we freely mix vintage and modern, taking the time to understand what inspires each individual. We’re committed to impeccable communication, uncompromising integrity and enjoying the experience of every project.



Collaboration begins with the client and extends to architects, landscapers, artisans and installers. We rely on open dialogue with our clients, from discovering what guides a project to delivering ready-for-living installations.


Before opening her firm in 2008, Terri Ricci honed her expertise for a decade, working alongside premier design and architecture studios in New York City. She brings a decisive, soulful and sophisticated point of view that immediately instills trust and confidence in clients. An expert editor known for her ability to source just-the-right piece for any project, Terri draws on her remarkable knowledge of scale and proportion to create environments that not only look good but feel good. She holds a degree from the New York School of Interior Design and is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

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Design Director


Andi Federman

Andi’s aesthetic is self-described as “comfort meets luxury, classic meets modern, vintage meets organic.” Getting her start at Parsons School of Design and continuing on to prestigious Manhattan design firms, Andi has honed her interiors experience alongside Terri for over 10 years.

Senior Designer


Kate Kaiser

Kate Kaiser, a Westchester NY native, began her career at Elle Decor magazine where she transitioned her love of design into practice. She brings many years of experience with boutique Manhattan design firms specializing in haute eclecticism for worldly clients. Kate deftly mixes texture, scale, tone and genre to achieve the sophisticated warmth of TRI projects. She enjoys collaborating with her colleagues and weaving a diverse, original vocabulary through every project, channeling clients’ heritage and aspirations.

Design Assistant


Giliane Toppan

Giliane Toppan originates from Brazil and brings great flair to the team. Her International Affairs degree brings multicultural touches to our creativity. While keeping projects running smoothly, she is following her dream of becoming a designer at Fairfield University. Her attention to detail, sophisticated eye, and passion for design makes her a valuable team asset.

Business Manager


Erin Delottie

Erin Delottie has over 15 years of experience as a business manager split between the finance and interior design industries. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.